Commissions for dogs and cats are accepted. Working from photographic reference, I try to capture the spirit and character of the animal rather than to capture just a likeness. Snap photographs, unposed and immediate where the animal is responding to the camera, are the ones that I prefer working from, below the eyeline to give the paintings a larger than life dynamic. Lighting is very imporatant is revealing the form.

My work is farily large scale either 90 x 90 cms square or 100 x 100 cms square and produced on box canvasses in acrylic - contact me for pricing.
For smaller sizes, please - contact me for pricing.

I can work from clients own photographs and will liaise with the client on the reference before starting the finished piece.
If the client is unable to produce their own photographs I am more than happy to take the reference myself with an additional cost for expenses and time depending on where the client is based.